Porque A180? Bueno, queria pesar 180 libras; Para llegar A180 libras tenia que perder 180 libras; cuando llegue A180 libras habia hecho un cambio de exactamente 180 grados; de 360 libras que pesaba el 2 de Enero del 2009 A180 libras que pese el martes 29 de Junio del 2010, que fue A180 días de haber empezado el 2010.

Porque aun A180? Porque hoy no estoy A180 y Porque A180 no es una meta de un dia o unos dias, es una meta permanente, por el resto de mi vida....

A180....For Life

Este BLOG es dedicado a todas aquellas personas que busquen motivar y busquen motivacion para lograr sus cometidos. Es mi proposito lograr suficiente material de interes como para poder escribir un libro una vez que llegue A180. Comentarios, cuentos, emails y cualquier informacion que pueda enriquecer este proceso esta bienvenida.

jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

A180 in Miami 70.3 Half Ironman

Personal Best is always a great feeling. Saturday I posted my fastest time ever in an Ironman 70.3 distance event. I had a great day, a great weekend, and an amazing time. The crowd was awesome and the race much fun.

I woke up at 4:30 and was in Starbucks my 5am with Bob and Rayer! Drinking coffee and having bananas and banana bread. We had been taking care of our race gear and race plan the night before so by that time all we needed was the gun to fire off and the clock to start ticking.

When we got to the water we already knew we where in for a loooong swim, the Pro Athletes where coming out of the water in 29-30 minutes, when normally it takes them below 25 minutes.

I was in the water with my friends Roger, Manny and Jorgito, as soon as the gun went off I never saw them again until we were running. My swim time was 38:43, having clocked a 30:29 in Pucon made it clear to me that something was out of whack.

I rode my brand new Quintana Roo CD 0.1 A180 limited Edition bike, and it felt great. The course was extremely technical and very dangerous, however given the amount of athletes competing and the reduced street space there was not much else but ride in packs making it a fast course, surpassing riders was tricky; I was however very pleased with my time of 2:29 riding at an average speed of just under 22.5 miles/hour.

I had been training for the run since completing my Ironman Distance Event in July and I was fantasizing with a time of under 2 hours, this proved to be extremely hopeful as I clocked a time of 2:21. It only shows that in order to succeed in this sport you have to train harder, always harder.

My final time was 5:35:21, Personal Best but far from Personal Best Expectations. I am happy and pleased as I did my best, but I will continue to train to keep improving my time and my health.

Thanks to everybody that has motivated me in this process, and thanks to everybody that shared this event with me. I will be seeing you all soon.

A180...For Life

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