Porque A180? Bueno, queria pesar 180 libras; Para llegar A180 libras tenia que perder 180 libras; cuando llegue A180 libras habia hecho un cambio de exactamente 180 grados; de 360 libras que pesaba el 2 de Enero del 2009 A180 libras que pese el martes 29 de Junio del 2010, que fue A180 días de haber empezado el 2010.

Porque aun A180? Porque hoy no estoy A180 y Porque A180 no es una meta de un dia o unos dias, es una meta permanente, por el resto de mi vida....

A180....For Life

Este BLOG es dedicado a todas aquellas personas que busquen motivar y busquen motivacion para lograr sus cometidos. Es mi proposito lograr suficiente material de interes como para poder escribir un libro una vez que llegue A180. Comentarios, cuentos, emails y cualquier informacion que pueda enriquecer este proceso esta bienvenida.

jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010


I am so lucky. Many would believe that having lived with morbid obesity throughout my entire life would have deemed me an unlucky man. I have though about this much lately, and I have been able to understand that I am actually a very lucky man, lucky to have lived through everything I have lived through in order to be where I am today, lucky to be able to have a life that has purpose.

I will live my life with purpose, and I will do everything in my power to help you find your purpose.

A18o For Life

I am SO Lucky

viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010


What is it about having a goal, a purpose that makes us happy? I have always been a happy guy, I have always been a fun to be around kind a guy, with my temper and my mood swings, but fun at the end. I have always had lots of love and lots of friends. I have a wonderful wife, wonderful family and amazing friends. I have always been relatively successful at what I have been doing; However I have never been as happy and as purposeful as I have been the past 20 months.

Now I enjoy my family, my friends, my wife and my work more than ever, and I do so because I am truly happy. I have been able to confront and control my anxieties and my fears like never before, and as new ones appear in my path I am stronger and readier to confront them.

A180 equals happiness in my books, but what makes me happy does not necessarily make others happy, so to that effect I wanted to share what I know makes my friends currently in Kona for the Ironman World Championship´s happy.

It is exactly being there that makes them happy, and it makes them happy because they have worked so hard to be there and now they are there. It makes them happy because they set a course, a path, a goal and achieved it. They are surrounded by over 1500 people who are also happy. So in my books Kona also equals Happiness, Happiness for those who fought, sweat, bled and trained for it and who achieved it. It is not about the destination but about the journey, I am happy I have been able to share that journey with you.

To you my friends in Kona I wish lots and lots of Happiness.


A180 pensando en KONA

jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

Back to Basics

After a loooong hiatus from real Tri Training, Im back baby, back to stay.

Even though I am not putting in serious hours I am definitely putting in some quality workouts. Before I went off to Germany to compete in my first Ironman Distance Triathlon, I had decided that once I returned I would get back to basics, and do some real strength training. I had been focusing my efforts on making sure that I was mentally ready for such a challenge that I had not been paying much attention to quality as I was to quantity.

So, since I got back from Germany I have been doing a lot of interval training, Brick training and strength training in the gym and in CrossFit Pty. I have been focusing my efforts on strengthening my legs, my weak ass and my core, so far the results have been very motivating. I am running better than ever while at the same time being very efficient with the time I am putting in.

Up until this week I had not been swimming, and I was weary my times would be off, however I just came back from the pool and did some respectable times. I believe that if I put in some quality pool and bike workouts before Miami 70.3 I could end up doing my personal best in that race.

I am feeling strong, resting a lot, enjoying my family, my work.

I am enjoying my life and things are starting to fall into place, into a sustainable place.

A180 for life

In the pictures above you can see my support group. My coach hassling my ass to get through a tough interval brick session in the Gym and my friends and TTT teammates, happy for me for having appeared in the cover of Panama Sports Magazine.